The PolyArtery Collective

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Jen Appell

As a singer/songwriter I filter my experiences through vocalizations, words and sonic elements. Complex concepts are conveyed through simple, impactful musical movements. Over the last few years, I have started collecting sounds with the intention of creating underlying soundscapes to enhance my presentation.  I connect Weaving the River to other conceptual interests, including gravity and terrestrial relationships that are informed by human dynamics. Humans interact with the earth and each other in a way that can be beneficial or destructive. Exploring the physical aspect of this idea in Weaving the River will inform the way I explore the abstract and interpersonal aspect in my upcoming projects.

Jillian Youngbird

Being of Native American descent, while growing up in the Ozark hills formed an interesting narrative in Jillian Youngbird’s self-identity. Storytelling has always been an important part of both cultures. In her study of Ozarkian and Native lore she’s come to find common threads and motives; different versions of the same story. Through the study of nature, history and folklore, Jillian uses recycled materials to create sculpture, photographs and performances that investigate the natural world and her place between two interwoven cultures.


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Justin Border

Painter, Graphic Designer, Muralist and Teaching Artist, Justin Border received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Studio Art from McPherson College and a Graphic Design Certificate from the Kansas City Art Institute. This project is a continuation of explored themes in Justin’s previous works that combine elements of community, land and the river.

Meghan Rowswell

Meghan Rowswell creates organic fiber sculptures and installations inspired by plants using found fabrics and materials. She displays a wide range of fiber related processes to create texture and structures that transform space and emulate Japanese flower arrangements. Meghan studied to become a fifth level instructor of the Ohara school of ikebana.