The Process


It all started when...

We met in our small group for Artist Inc Kansas City. Go Team Orange! Jen Appell had been working on a comic book that illustrated the effects of redlining on Wyandotte County, Kansas. Her passion was infectious. Justin Border, Meghan Rowswell and Jillian Youngbird soon joined up with Jen to create the PolyArtery Collective.

In research for this project we went down to the old Quindaro site to collect materials to incorporate into the installation and sounds for the soundscape. It was a unique atmosphere down by the water heavy with centuries of history with a swiftly flowing river passing it by.

We saw the collections of the Old Quindaro Museum and the Quindaro Underground Railroad Museum to gain historical perspective. We listened to members of the Wyandotte Nation and the Quindaro Shareholders, forming partnerships and inspiration for our project. We recorded the choir of the Allen Chapel AME Church.

The connections and convergence of ideas has been magical.